Refund Policy

Monthly Subscriptions: Cancel at any time with no further (or additional) fees or charges .

Annual Subscriptions: Cancel at any time and pay an exit fee equivalent to an additional two months subscription (based on the annual subscription price of your relevant plan)

Please Note:

  • Your clubs financial stability is our first priority. Our refund policy is designed to cover integration costs to bring your club into our environment, however if our policy causes any legitimate hardship please reach out to us for support.          
  • Clubs can download member & sponsor information prior to cancelling their subscription with Club Ducks, however once the subscription has expired or is cancelled clubs are no longer able to access this information.
  • Email: to request a refund or support.


L-Cassidy (CEO Sport SA)

Congratulations on Club Ducks, a real game changer for the industry.

A-Hood SANFL Eagles (WWTFC)

We are so pleased to be working with Club Ducks and will be a game changer with our ability to manag...
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