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Foundation Memberships rewards early adopters of the Club Ducks program. Club Ducks, early adopters play a crucial role in the diffusion of innovations because their adoption and endorsement can influence others to follow suit. They provide us with crucial feedback helping to refine and improve our product as it extends to a wider audience. Our Foundation Members in many cases, are seen as trendsetters or influencers within their respective communities. We reward our Foundation Members with a reduced subscription price for life. Foundation Membership is available to clubs who subscribe on or before the 31st Of August 2024 saving approximately 25% on post August pricing.


Collection of data?

Clubducks collects personal data such as Club Profile directly from you — as a club or a visitor — when you visit Clubducks'  website, or when you contact a member of the Clubducks' team or sign up for a Clubducks' account to use our platform and services.We do not sell your personal data, or the personal data of your end users. We also do not allow any personal data to be used by third parties for their own marketing purposes.

Server security plays an important role in keeping server environment secure and operational . Our goal is to ensure the utmost protection for our customers. Here are some key highlights:

Multi-Layered server Security: Our server infrastructure is fortified with multiple layers of security, including firewalls, DDOS protection, SSL, and network redundancy. This layered approach helps safeguard against a wide range of potential threats.

Data Encryption: All data transmission and storage are encrypted to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your information. This ensures that your sensitive data remains protected at all times.

Real-Time Monitoring: Our servers are under constant surveillance through real-time monitoring. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address any anomalies swiftly, minimizing potential downtime.

High Uptime: We are committed to maintaining a network uptime of 99.99%. This level of reliability ensures that our applications run smoothly and consistently.

Patching and Updates: We adhere to a strict patching and update schedule for both server software and operating systems. This proactive maintenance approach ensures that our systems are always up-to-date with the latest security fixes, effectively mitigating vulnerabilities.

Backup Policy: Our comprehensive backup policy includes encrypted backups stored in secure location. Data retention is set at 15 days, ensuring that your data can be restored with integrity if needed.

Compliance: Our server solution fully complies with GDPR and ISO standards, prioritizing data security and adhering to the requirements of data security laws. We host the business application within Australia-Sydney, ensuring that everything remains secure and accessible.

Absolutely. Club Ducks provides the perfect sponsorship management solution for events, peak sporting bodies and charities.  

When a potential sponsor receives a sponsorship proposal from your club, they are invited to complete their sponsor profile. Once they have completed their profile, they can sign back in at any time. Inside their profile they can accept your proposal, including terms and conditions, make payments, view invoices and more. They can receive evidence from your club that assets are being delivered. Your club can communicate directly with them via their profile, all communication is stored for future reference. Sponsors can also upload their logo for club use and upload any special offers that they would like to offer club members, and once approved by your club they can be shared directly to your social media.

See Video Tutorials section on the home page for a demonstration of the sponsor experience.  


Your members purchase their membership through your club website. After they select and purchase their membership, they are invited to complete their member profile.

Once they have completed their profile, they can sign back in at any time to update and view their membership details and download their digital membership card.

Renewal of membership is done automatically by the system each year unless your club nominates otherwise. Each year your members receive automatic emails from you (pre-set 14 days before and again 1 day before expiration) reminding them that their membership will automatically renew.

They can choose not to renew by accessing their profile.

See the Video Tutorials section on the home page for a demonstration of the member experience.  


Once you subscribe to Club Ducks you will be given your own unique URL or HTML code. This URL / code is then embedded into your website.This code enables your members and sponsors to sign into their member and sponsor area directly from your club website.

You have 2 options to achieve this:

  • The “Copy URL” code can be placed behind an image or graphic that sits on your website, when that image is clicked the URL is opened.
  • The “Copy HTML” code creates a  "Sign In” button that becomes the access point from your website.
  • You may need the assistance of your web manager, or contact if you require further assistance.

No we don't offer a free trial. By not opening the flood gates to free trails we can minimise data storage and other on costs keeping our platform affordable to clubs. Our refund policy is fair, reasonable, and designed not to inflict financial hardship on your club should you choose not to continue with us for whatever reason. We want clubs to make informed decisions. If after working your way through our home page content (including video’s, FAQs & tutorials) and you feel you would like further information, please book a club demo. We are genuinely here to support you ! 




Our software is easy and intuitive to set up and use however we appreciate that you may need technical support from time to time, and if so we are here to help !  

Please email and we will be in touch the same day (during business hours or the following day if your inquiry is received after hours)

If you want to know more about the program, including initial set up requirements you are welcome to book a Club Demo.

If you are a new Committee Member taking over your club portal and you need some assistance, we would also love to help you get familiar with the program, so please reach out for support.  

We are an online business but you are not alone, if you need to speak with us directly please call 0419 628 088 for assistance during business hours.         

Clubs receive a 15% discount by purchasing a 12 month plan.

Club Ducks aligns with many associations and peak sporting bodies, please contact us to check if your peak body is aligned for any additional discounts.     


Stripe simplifies the process of accepting payments online. Stripe is required to accept payments from members and sponsors. Stripe incorporates machine learning algorithms and advanced fraud detection mechanisms to help clubs minimise fraudulent activities and provides tools to manage risk.You will be guided through the process of setting up your Stripe account when you subscribe to Club Ducks and begin to build your club profile. There is processing fees associated with using Stripe, fees are comparable to normal Eftpos & Credit Card fees and can be found on the link provided.     

Yo may like to visit Stripe | Payment Processing Platform for the Internet for initial information.





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